Figure 8 Maternity: Designer maternity clothes and stylish nursing clothes
Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Bellaband is a seamless band that you wear around your belly that allows you to wear your pants unbuttoned and unzipped. It is ultra-soft and plush, made of thick luxurious knit, and it has a silicone strip that holds the band in place.

This cool maternity accessory has become an absolute must in every mom’s wardrobe. Perfect at every stage from newly pregnant to very pregnant to new mom:
  • With the Bellaband, you can wear your non-maternity pants a little longer – just pull on the Bellaband over your unbuttoned and unzipped pants and viola! You’ve got a great hold and a smooth waist.

  • Not quite grown into your maternity clothes yet? Bellabands also allow you to wear your maternity bottoms a little sooner. Slip the Bellaband over a loose bottom for an instant snug fit.

  • After baby, when neither your maternity nor your non-pregnant clothes fit, Bellabands give you wonderful options throughout your transition period.
Have fun with Bellaband’s wide range of colors and add femme to your collection with Lace Bellabands.

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