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Sexy, slimming, and amazingly versatile, the nursing tank is an essential basic for every nursing mom’s wardrobe. With a built in nursing bra, a nursing tank is supportive enough to be worn alone and provides quick, comfortable nursing access.

The Essential Nursing Bra Tank by Bravado Designs and the Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank are the most popular nursing tanks in our store. We frequently receive customer raves about them, and have customers returning to by the nursing tanks in multiple colors. Customers are also very excited about Yummie Tummie’s Nursing-T Long Tank with secret tummy control built into the nursing tank.

Here are ideas we learned from our customers on how they’ve made their nursing tanks go a really long way:

  • For cooler days or occasions that call for more coverage, layer your nursing tank top under a shrug or cardigan.

  • For comfortable support while you sleep, a nursing tank top gives you easy access for night time feeds.

  • If you tend to leak at night, a nursing tank top is a comfortable alternative to a bra for keeping nursing pads in place.

  • If you’re pumping at work, a nursing tank layered under your clothing lets you pump conveniently and discreetly and still wear your regular career clothes.
    • Tank Style
      • Padded
      • Pump Tank
      • Compression Tank
    • Tank Feature
      • Nursing Access - Drop Open Clip
      • Nursing Friendly
      • Adjustable Straps
    • Tank Size
      • 28A
      • 30A
      • 30B
      • 30C
      • 30D
      • 32A
      • 32B/C
      • 32D/E
      • 32F/G
      • 32H/I
      • 34A
      • 34B/C
      • 34D/E
      • 34F/G
      • 34H/I
      • 34J/K
      • 34L/M
      • 36A
      • 36B/C
      • 36D/E
      • 36F/G
      • 36H/I
      • 36J/K
      • 36L/M
      • 38A
      • 38B/C
      • 38D/E
      • 38F/G
      • 38H/I
      • 38J/K
      • 38L/M
      • 40A
      • 40B/C
      • 40D/E
      • 40F/G
      • 40H/I
      • 40J/K
      • 40L/M
      • 42A
      • 42B/C
      • 42D/E
      • 42F/G
      • 42H/I
      • 42J/K
      • 42L/M
      • 44A
      • 44B/C
      • 44D/E
      • 44F/G
      • 0
      • 2
      • 4
      • 6
      • 8
      • 10
      • 12
      • 14
      • 16
    Limited Time Offer
    Limited Time Offer
    Limited Time Offer
    Limited Time Offer
    Limited Time Offer
    Limited Time Offer
    Now with a
    Tummy Control Panel!
    Wear with your own bra!
    Full Bust Support
    with Adjustable Chest Band!
    Wear with your own bra!
    For Pumping
    & Nursing!
    For Pumping
    & Nursing!
    For Pumping
    & Nursing!
    For Pumping
    & Nursing!

    with Compression

    with Compression
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    Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Tank (Tiger Lily) by Bravado
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