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A good nursing bra is a must-have for every nursing mom. We carry one of the widest selections of top quality nursing bras from designers like Bravado Designs, Majamas and Boob. Whether you're looking for a sexy nursing bra or a comfy cotton basic we offer a wide selection of styles and sizes, including petite and plus size nursing bras. Here’s what to consider in your quest for nursing bra bliss:
  • How many nursing bras do I need?
    We recommend buying 3-5 of your favorite everyday bra – the style you'll reach for over and over again - and then adding a few special styles such as a strapless nursing bra or sports nursing bra that meet specific occasional needs. If you sleep with a bra on, you'll need 3-5 nursing sleep bras as well. A nursing sleep bra is good to keep on hand even if you don't sleep with one. This super comfy style is great for lounging around and it you're engorged or sore, it might be the most comfortable option. Keep your lingerie drawer exciting by including at least one fun or sexy nursing bra in your collection.

  • When do you recommend light support, and which styles are best?
    Smaller busted women may find that a light support nursing bra is all that’s required. We recommend The Easy Bra by Majamas. If worn as a sleep bra and especially, in the early days of engorgement and nipple soreness, women of all sizes may find light support nursing bras the most comfortable option as they hug you very gently. The super easy pull aside nursing access is fuss free and easy for first time moms or moms that just don’t want to fiddle with clips.

  • When do you recommend moderate support, and which styles are best?
    If things have taken a turn for voluptuous during your pregnancy, you need a high quality supportive nursing bra as you’re likely to see further increase once your milk comes in. Most nursing bras offer at least moderate support, so you’ve got all kinds of options here. It’s really important to go for quality when you’re selecting your nursing bras as it will be reflected in the overall comfort, support and shape you achieve. Experiment with a variety of nursing access styles to see which works best for you. The Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is a huge favorite. Its seamless construction is ultra-comfortable and it features removable foam cups for extra lining when you need it. Need a bra that will keep up with your active lifestyle? The Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra is ideal.

  • When do you recommend maximum support, and which styles are best?
    Full-figured women should take extra care in selecting the best and most supportive nursing bras as proper support helps baby establish a good latch on, prevents common breastfeeding complications, creates a beautiful silhouette and is uplifting in every way! Bravado Design’s Original Nursing Bra Plus and Original Nursing Bra Double Plus are our favorite choices in plus size nursing bras. Bravado’s Essential Nursing Bra Tank is also the most supportive nursing tank style.

  • Should I wear a nursing bra during pregnancy?
    Your breasts are undergoing major changes during pregnancy to prepare for nursing. Many women quickly find their pre-maternity bras too tight, and underwires can get seriously uncomfortable as dig in to your widening ribcage. Since nursing bras are designed with comfort and support in mind, they’re perfect as maternity bras as well. Keep in mind that your bra size may continue to change in the latter part of your pregnancy and first few weeks of nursing. The Wrap N’ Snap Nursing Bra by La Leche League International is a cool new nursing bra that adjusts with your changing band size.
  • Best Of
    • Best Seller
    • Best Reviewed
  • Designer
    • Belabumbum
    • Bella Materna
    • Belly Bandit
    • Boob
    • Bravado
    • Cache Coeur Lingerie
    • Cake Lingerie
    • Carriwell
    • Coobie Seamless Bras
    • Dairy Fairy
    • Ingrid & Isabel
    • La Leche League International
    • Lamaze
    • Les Lunes
    • Majamas
    • Medela
    • PumpEase
    • Ripe Maternity
    • Rumina
    • Spring Maternity
    • Yummie Tummie
  • Size
    • 28A
    • 30A
    • 32A
    • 32B/C
    • 32D/E
    • 32F/G
    • 32H/I
    • 32J/K
    • 34A
    • 34B/C
    • 34D/E
    • 34F/G
    • 34H/I
    • 34J/K
    • 34L/M
    • 36A
    • 36B/C
    • 36D/E
    • 36F/G
    • 36H/I
    • 36J/K
    • 36L/M
    • 38A
    • 38B/C
    • 38D/E
    • 38F/G
    • 38H/I
    • 38J/K
    • 38L/M
    • 40A
    • 40B/C
    • 40D/E
    • 40F/G
    • 40H/I
    • 40J/K
    • 40L/M
    • 42A
    • 42B/C
    • 42D/E
    • 42F/G
    • 42H/I
    • 42J/K
    • 42L/M
    • 44A
    • 44B/C
    • 44D/E
    • 44F/G
    • 44H/I
    • 44J/K
    • 44L/M
    • 46A
    • 46B/C
    • 46D/E
    • 46F/G
    • 46H/I
    • 46J/K
    • 46L/M
  • Color
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Gray
    • Nude
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Red
    • White/Off-white
    • Brown
    • Purple
    • Print
  • Style
    • T-shirt Bra
    • Sleep Bra
    • Wireless Bra
    • Underwire Bra
    • Demi Cup Bra
    • Full Coverage Bra
    • Plus Size
    • Sports Bra
    • Pump Bra
    • Strapless/Convertible Bra
    • Organic Bra
    • Racerback Bra
  • Feature
    • Nursing Access - Drop Open Clip
    • Nursing Access - Pull Aside
    • Nursing Access - Drop Open Magnetic Clip
    • Back Closure
    • Pull Over Closure
    • Front Closure
  • Padding Level
    • Unlined / Thinly Lined
    • Lined / Weightless Padding
    • Padded
  • Low Cut Rating
    • High Cut
    • Moderate
    • Low Cut

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An Organic Bra

An Organic Bra
Heavenly Pink!

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Buy 2 and Save

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As seen in
Fit Pregnancy!
As seen in
Fit Pregnancy!
Boob Designs Slimming Brief (Almost Nude-Pink) by Boob
by Boob
$10 off $35.00 $24.75

Boob Designs Slimming Brief (White) by Boob
by Boob
$10 off $35.00 $24.75
Improved Fit!

Improved Fit!

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Belabumbum Bamboo Girlshort (Black) by Belabumbum
$11 off $28.00 $16.80
Belabumbum Bamboo Girlshort (Cream) by Belabumbum
$11 off $28.00 $16.80
Belabumbum Bamboo Girlshort (Charcoal) by Belabumbum
$11 off $28.00 $16.80
Belabumbum Bamboo Girlshort (Plum) by Belabumbum
$11 off $28.00 $16.80
Belabumbum Dottie Girlshort (Cerise Dot) by Belabumbum
$12 off $24.00 $12.00
Award Winning Design
Adjustable Band Size

Winner of IParenting Award!
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Holly T-Shirt Nursing Bra (Mauve Morn) by MEV
by MEV
$35 off $48.00 $12.60
Anita Underwire Nursing Bra (Black) by Anita
by Anita
$37 off $56.00 $18.20
Boob Designs Fine Dining Nursing Bra (Black) by Boob
by Boob
$26 off $52.00 $25.20
Spring Maternity Macy Bamboo Nursing Bra (Nude) by Spring Maternity
$11 off $32.00 $21.00
Spring Maternity Macy Bamboo Nursing Bra (Black) by Spring Maternity
$11 off $32.00 $21.00
Belabumbum Rachelle Soft Cup Nursing Bra (Cream Dot) by Belabumbum
$24 off $48.00 $23.80
Bella Materna Mesh Plunge Nursing Bralet (Black) by Bella Materna
$15 off $53.00 $37.10
Majamas Padded Sporty Bra (Hot Pink) by Majamas
$20 off $36.95 $16.80
Majamas Padded Addy Bra (Kenya) by Majamas
$17 off $30.00 $12.60
Glamourmom Mpress Microfiber Lace Nursing Bra (Nude) by Glamourmom
$28 off $42.00 $14.00
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