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We love what one of customers in Oregon had to say about our nursing sleepwear collection: "Lovely and sexy PJ’s! They make the nursing gig fancy out of frumpy!" Granny’s nursing gowns theses are not. Whether you’re looking for sexy lingerie style nursing sleepwear, elegant floor sweeping nursing gowns, or comfy cute nursing pajamas, you won’t find anything like this in granny’s closet! We feature selections from premium nursing sleepwear designers like Majamas, Japanese Weekend, Mama Love, Esme, and Jessica Scott, a hot new organic line!

We go by three absolute must-haves when selecting nursing gowns and nursing pajamas for our collection:

#1 It’s a fact that lots of visitors will be dropping by to see your Sweetpea and you’re not going to have the time or energy to get dressed each time. We only select nursing sleepwear that We’d be happy to be seen in.
#2 Nursing sitting straight up in a chair with the support of a perfectly positioned Boppy won’t last for long. We make sure our nursing pajamas are super easy to nurse in, even in suboptimal conditions like sprawled across the bed half asleep.
#3 There’s no such thing as too soft for baby or for you. We look for the softest, most skin pampering fabrics for our nursing sleepwear.

Take advantage of our special deal on our bestselling nursing gowns and pjs. Get $10 off when you buy 2 or more. See Special Deals section for more details.

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Belabumbum Eva Robe (Garnet) by Belabumbum
$11 off $56.00 $44.80
Belabumbum Eva Nursing Dress (Garnet) by Belabumbum
$11 off $59.00 $47.20
Belabumbum Nursing Chemise (Queen of Hearts) by Belabumbum
$10 off $54.00 $43.20
Belabumbum Kimono Dress (Queen of Hearts) by Belabumbum
$11 off $56.00 $44.80
Belabumbum Eva Robe (Black) by Belabumbum
$11 off $56.00 $44.80
Belabumbum Eva Robe (Smoked Plum) by Belabumbum
$11 off $56.00 $44.80
to Black & White Stripes!
On Sale
On Sale
Cake Lingerie Robe (Apple Crumble/Choco Vanilla) by Cake Lingerie
$20 off $79.90 $59.60
On Sale
On Sale
On Sale
On Sale
Majamas New Sleepy Dress (Caposele) by Majamas
$11 off $58.00 $46.40
On Sale
Majamas Lace Sleep Set (Black Lace) by Majamas
$24 off $82.00 $57.60
On Sale
On Sale
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Belabumbum Lacey Nursing Chemise (Lacey) by Belabumbum
$24 off $54.00 $29.60
Belabumbum Collette Ruffle Nursing Chemise (Navy) by Belabumbum
$28 off $56.00 $28.00
Irene Nursing Gown (Teal) by Larrivo
$34 off $58.00 $24.00
The Nancy Nursing PJ Set (Black) by Milkstars
$27 off $76.00 $48.64
Ruffle Trim Nursing Night Dress (Hushed Violet) by Mothers en vogue
$39 off $64.00 $24.80
Jane Modal Nursing Chemise (Sherbert/ Heather Grey) by Baju Mama
$16 off $52.00 $35.36
Jamie Nursing Gown (Peony) by Japanese Weekend
$28 off $68.00 $39.20
Belabumbum Dottie Robe (Cerise Dot) by Belabumbum
$27 off $56.00 $28.80
Boob Designs Jane Nursing Night Dress (Black) by Boob
by Boob
$19 off $70.00 $50.40
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