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Babybonkie Baby Swaddle Wrap

by Babybonkie
(Item #1144001)
Pink Sherpa
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Babybonkie swaddle blankets are designed to help infants stay wrapped up through the night allowing more uninterrupted sleep. The innovative design makes swaddling simple thanks to its unique shape and Velcro closures. All Babybonkie swaddles are machine washable.

How to Use
  • Step 1: Place the Babybonkie on a flat surface. Lay your baby so that his/her legs are in the enclosed circular bottom portion.
  • Step 2: Starting with left flap, fold over and fasten with Velcro tab
  • Step 3: Now fold right flap and fasten with Velcro tabs.
I purchased this same nursing scarf for my daughter a year ago and it has been her favorite so I purchased this one for another gift. It is compact to stuff into a diaper bag, can be worn as a scarf, doesn't slip off while nursing, is not see -through, and was not too hot. It can be used as a blanket to tuck around baby in the stroller. Definitely a must have item.
Elizabeth in Tooele, UT