Figure 8 Maternity: Designer maternity clothes and stylish nursing clothes
Pack your bags and get ready for your new life and baby. We've chosen all of our favorite items for a comfortable and personal stay at the hospital. Don't forget, plan to get your hospital bag ready at least a month ahead of time. It makes life a bit easier. We've included essential items for before and after labor for you and your new baby!
Nursing Loungewear
Hospital Delivery Gowns
Postpartum Accessories
Save When you
Buy Two Colors!
with Silicone for C-Sections
& Compression!
Finally, Something
for C-section Moms!
Belly Wraps and Shapewear
Immediately After C-Section Delivery
Immediately After C-Section Delivery
Nursing Bras
Baby Girl Clothing
Baby Boy Clothing
Diaper Bags
Nursing Bra Tanks
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