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Charlie Banana Laundry Soap

by Charlie Banana
(Item #1419700)
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Charlie Banana® Laundry Soap is specifically made for parents using cloth diapers, as well as families with newborn skin, sensitive skin, allergies or that just want their clothes to last longer. Because the detergent rinses clean with no residues, it is not absorbed into the skin and will not cause rashes or dry skin.

Because of the non-toxic, completely soluble ingredients, Charlie Banana® Laundry Soap does not clog fabric pores. Most detergents contain residues including suds, optical whiteners, bleach, ammonia, parabens, and irritating perfumes, leaving a film on clothes and cloth diapers, which clog fibers. Clogged cloth diaper fibers will repel liquids and cause diapering leaks.

Charlie Banana® Laundry Soap contains biodegradable coconut oil based surfactants developed by detergent specialists who have spent years researching the clean formula. The dry soap also contains all natural washing soda and sodium silicate.

Instructions: Charlie Banana® Laundry Soap leaves zero residues. It works by removing waste material (as best as possible) while the majority of other detergents "work" by leaving behind a film of residues. These residues coat bacteria and human waste, and yes they keep them from the skin, but they don't actually clean it away. Since Charlie Banana® laundry soap leaves no residue, it cannot coat bacteria, so one must follow instructions on diaper laundering for maximum effectiveness.
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