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Definitely not your mama’s idea of a nursing dress. These fabulous nursing dresses add spice and sparkle to your nursing wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a nursing dress for a special occasion, a nursing dress that’s right for the office, or a nursing dress to slip in to every day, our collection brings you the style you crave with the function you need. Our nursing dresses are designed to make you look and feel great post-partum. We look for styles that flatter your figure and downplay trouble spots.

While many women focus their nursing wardrobe on nursing tops, a nursing dress can be an indispensable wardrobe wonder. When you’re short on sleep and time, throw on your nursing dress with some sexy sandals and voila! Only you will know that you put more energy into baby’s outfit than your own!

Having your little one join you at a formal occasion doesn’t mean that you’ll have to relegate yourself to the lady’s room to undress at each feeding. Our nursing dresses are designed with discreet openings that work right into the style of the dress. No one would even guess you’re wearing a nursing dress. If you feel you need some extra cover while you’re feeding, don’t bring out baby’s swaddling blanket. Complete your look with a shawl that can double as an elegant nursing cover. You’ll blend right in with the party and no one will suspect you’re feeding the baby!

Nursing Dresses

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Cathy Zig-Zag Nursing Dress (Zig-Zag Navy) by Dote
by Dote
45% off $109.00 $60.00
Milky Way Apple Pie Peplum Nursing Dress (Black) by Milky Way
25% off $79.00 $59.25
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Jessica Maternity & Nursing Maxi Dress (Spring Green) by Baju Mama
36% off $99.00 $63.80
Jessica Maternity & Nursing Maxi Dress (Blueberry) by Baju Mama
31% off $99.00 $68.00
Majamas Ally Maternity & Nursing Dress (Ishikari) by Majamas
27% off $82.00 $60.00
Sophie & Eve Jasmine Surplice Nursing Dress (Black and Cobalt Border Print) by Sophie & Eve
72% off $84.00 $23.80
Cece Sleeveless Nursing Dress (Ethnic Print) by Japanese Weekend
72% off $85.00 $23.80
Christina Sleeveless Maternity & Nursing Dress (Navy Stripes) by Noppies
41% off $65.00 $38.30
Boob Design Molly Maternity & Nursing Dress (Green Pool) by Boob Design
24% off $99.00 $75.00
Boob Design Candy Maternity & Nursing Dress (Aqua & Off White Stripes) by Boob Design
51% off $109.00 $53.60
Majamas Ally Maternity & Nursing Dress (Azalea) by Majamas
30% off $82.00 $57.80
Laetitia Maternity & Nursing Dress (Yellow) by Pomkin
44% off $135.00 $75.60
Estelle Pleated Maternity & Nursing Dress (Black) by Pomkin
$135.00 $110.00
Seraphine Abba SS Maternity & Nursing Dress (Navy & Red Print) by Seraphine
23% off $105.00 $80.80
Ember Cap-Sleeved Wrap Nursing Dress (Red Print) by Milky Way
33% off $89.00 $60.00
Maddie Halter Maternity & Nursing Dress (Royal Blue) by Dote
by Dote
55% off $85.00 $38.30
Page Nautical Maternity & Nursing Dress (Black Stripes with Teal) by Japanese Weekend
31% off $65.00 $45.00
Kayla Smocked Nursing Dress (Black) by Japanese Weekend
32% off $76.00 $52.00
Nadia Empire Maternity & Nursing Dress (Royal Blue) by Dote
by Dote
22% off $109.00 $85.00
Briana Maternity & Nursing Dress (Black & White Chain Link) by Dote
by Dote
54% off $110.00 $51.00
Layla Long Sleeve Nursing Dress with Belt (Dark Blue) by Noppies
24% off $59.00 $45.00
Naomi Boatneck Knitted Nursing Dress (Blush Space Dye & Black) by Maternal America
33% off $125.00 $84.10
Shelly Sleeveless Maternity & Nursing Dress (Aztec Coral) by Everly Grey
48% off $65.00 $34.00
The Louis Maternity & Nursing Dress (Dark Magenta) by Ripe Maternity
29% off $78.00 $55.30
Monroe Halter Nursing Maxi Dress (Black) by Dote
by Dote
33% off $119.00 $80.00
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