Figure 8 Maternity: Designer maternity clothes and stylish nursing clothes
Pack your bags and get ready for your new life and baby. We've chosen all of our favorite items for a comfortable and personal stay at the hospital. Don't forget, plan to get your hospital bag ready at least a month ahead of time. It makes life a bit easier. We've included essential items for before and after labor for you and your new baby!
Nursing Loungewear
Majamas Breakfast PJ Nursing Set (Paris Print) by Majamas
22% off $67.95 $52.70
Hospital Delivery Gowns
Nursing Bras
Postpartum Belly Bands
Baby Clothing
Postpartum Personal Care and Accessories
Nursing Bra Tanks
Personal Care
Shapewear Panties & Shorts
Finally, Something
for C-section Moms!
with Silicone for C-Sections
& Compression!
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