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Maternity and Nursing Sizing Guide

Our Sizing Guide is different from others. It's the closest thing to a fitting room.
We know that shopping online takes a leap of faith. Sizing and fit vary widely. That's why we do the fitting for you and size every garment in our store individually and match it up to one standard sizing scale. In other words, you might fit a size M in one item and a size S in another. We've figured it out so you don't have to guess.

First, we measure every garment
We don't simply rely on the size labels that come on our clothes. We measure every size of every style. This provides us with a good basis for sizing the garment, and it also provides us with a wealth of information to pass on to you, should you need to know specific measurements of an item.

Then, we try the clothes on ourselves to make a size recommendation
This it the key to our great sizing recommendations. We try every style and size on ourselves. This way we find out exactly how an item fits, how it stretches and moves, how much room there is to grow, and much more.
*Your Size - Maternity
Start with your pre-pregnancy size. Consider sizing up if you are in the latter half of your pregnancy or prefer a more generous fit.

*Your Size - Nursing
Go by your current size.

Use the bust and hip measurements in our sizing chart as a general guide, but don't worry about matching up exactly. We know your body is constantly changing, and our garments are made to keep up.