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Maternity Jeans by Band

Frumpy maternity jeans and plastic maternity waistbands are the thing of the past. It�s all about style and being comfortable in your maternity clothing, especially your maternity jeans. Maternity jeans are designed in many styles, shapes and fits with many different elastic waistbands to satisfy your needs. Shop here to find the maternity band that best fits you and your blossoming belly.

Under-Belly Maternity Bands

For a little extra support, an under-belly maternity waistband will provide you with the comfort and support that you will need as your baby grows inside of you. Most of these waistbands are approximately 2.5- 3 inches. Maternal America and Paper Denim and Cloth both have very comfortable under-belly waistbands that allow you to wear them even after baby.
Item Band Price
Maternal America Pintuck Maternity Jean 3" Band $75.00
Maternal America 5 Pocket Straight Leg Jean 3" Band $60.00
Maternal America Dark Blue Skinny Maternity Jean 3" Band $52.00
Maternal America Skinny Maternity Jean 3" Band $69.00
OK Bootleg Slim Fit Maternity Jeans 2" Band $49.00

No Maternity Waistbands

This type of style is designed to look like your pre-maternity jeans. These maternity jeans have a low-rise under-belly fit with an adjustable buttoned waistband that allows you to adjust the waist with your changing body. You can even wear these post-pregnancy by making the adjustment tighter.
Item Band Price
Habitual Conception Skinny Maternity Jeans No Band $63.00
Ripe Zip Fly Maverick Maternity Jeans No Band $59.00

Hybrid Maternity Waistbands

If you are looking for support for your growing belly but don�t want to look like you�re wearing maternity jeans, than these are the maternity jeans for you. This type of waistband has the elastic support and stretch in the front that will hug and support your growing belly, but won�t look like maternity jeans from the back
Item Band Price
James Maternity Jeans Hybrid High Rise Bootleg Hybrid $72.00