Figure 8 Maternity: Designer maternity clothes and stylish nursing clothes
You are the source of your baby's wonder food and the rule of the day is to feed frequently and freely; your clothes have never mattered more. Nursing clothing enables you to easily feed your baby on demand and helps you and your baby establish your breastfeeding rhythm quickly.

Breastfeeding clothing allows you the freedom to nurse anytime and anywhere. Fantastic breastfeeding clothing achieves all this with amazing style, so no one would guess you're nursing. Loving what you wear paves the way for a long and happy breastfeeding journey.
Nursing Dresses
Lucy Nursing Tunic Dress (Black) by Ripe Maternity
$98.00 $80.80
Naomi Boatneck Knitted Nursing Dress (Blush Space Dye & Black) by Maternal America
33% off $125.00 $84.10
Estelle Pleated Maternity & Nursing Dress (Black) by Pomkin
$135.00 $110.00
Lucy Nursing Tunic Dress (Viola) by Ripe Maternity
44% off $98.00 $54.40
Seraphine Abba SS Maternity & Nursing Dress (Navy & Red Print) by Seraphine
23% off $105.00 $80.80
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