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Dottie Robe

by Belabumbum
Average Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (6 ratings)
Dottie Robe by Belabumbum

Customer Reviews of Dottie Robe

This product is rated 4.7 / 5.0 in 6 customer reviews. Read reviews below.

Review of Dottie Robe in Navy Dot
by A. R. in London, FL.
This is very pretty, much nicer than most maternity nightwear items, which for some reason are always hideously ugly. It is part of a great range of Dottie nightwear items which have a style for everyone. My only criticism is that the fabric is quite thin and flimsy - it doesn't feel good enough quality for the price. If you're looking for a robe to keep you warm, this is not the one - it's more an extra layer to preserve modesty/cover your arms.

Review of Dottie Robe in Grey Dot
by A. C. in Manhattan Beach, CA.
Reviewer Status: 35 weeks pregnant
Beautiful robe, bought to go with the matching chemise. Loved that it is actually gray with light pink dots instead of white dots, a pleasant surprise. Super soft, will be great for hospital recovery after my c section (twins) and for nursing. Recommend!

Review of Dottie Robe in Grey Dot
by M. L. in Sterling, VA.
Reviewer Status: 8 months pregnant
Very soft fabric, well-made, and fits perfectly. SO happy with this purchase, it was worth every penny.

Review of Dottie Robe in Grey Dot
by M. T. in Santa Barbara, CA.
Reviewer Status: 8 days from due date
Comfy and nice coverage.

Review of Dottie Robe in Grey Dot
by F. T. in Auckland, .

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Review of Dottie Robe in Khaki Dot
by J. M. in New York, NY.
Reviewer Status: 8 months pregnant