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Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra

by Lamaze
Average Rating: 3.6 / 5.0 (10 ratings)
Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra by Lamaze

Customer Reviews of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra

This product is rated 3.6 / 5.0 in 10 customer reviews. Read reviews below.

Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in Heather Grey
by K. P. in Albany, OR.
Reviewer Status: Nursing
I have just about every possible nursing "sleep" bra there is (yes, really), and this one is by far the most comfortable for me. This bra is very soft and does not ride up, cut-in, or irritate my skin. I am a smaller woman (32A non-nursing/pregnant) and sleeping on my side can be uncomfortable with certain bras because the seams and elastic bands often dig into my ribs; this bra is the best and preventing most of those issues. I have ordered more of these bras to use on weekends when I am at home relaxing. The size M was scary at first (again, I regularly have a smaller chest), but it fits well enough to provide sufficient bed-time support and overnight "growth". My only con (as with all sleeping bras so far) is the location of the seems for side-sleepers. I wish somebody would move the darn seems so I could sleep without ANY seems digging into my ribs!

Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in Black
by A. Y. in Santa Rosa, CA.
Reviewer Status: Nursing
I love the Lamaze Sleep Bras. This was the third I've purchased from Figure8 and was anxious for its arrival. I expected the same quality as the others, but unfortunately, this one is lacking, with very poor stitching. If you've ever used a sewing machine and had problems with the tension setting resulting in a knotted thread mess top and bottom, you'll know what I found in several area on this garment. I got it on sale, plus the additional discount with my reward points, so it's not worth the hassle of returning it. It's functional and fits as expected. Hopefully Figure8 will implement quality control on this item for a time and other customers will be as pleased as I was on previous orders.

Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in White
by S. M. in New York, NY.
Reviewer Status: 4 months
I ordered this bra as well as Majamas Organic, LLL, Medela, and 1 in the Oven. I ended up keeping only the Majamas because the fit and fabric were by far the best, but if that hadn't been an option I probably would have kept this one. The cut is more attractive than the others (my husband's opinion) but the twist and lack of coverage in the center that make it look cute also make it less comfortable and stable. Also the fabric of this bra doesn't feel nice against your skin like the organic or cotton-rich bras.

Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in White
by K. M. in Englewood, CO.
The straps and cup size are fine but the seam under the arm is very high and thus a bit uncomfortable. I'll wear it but will not buy another one. Also, I recommend buying one size larger. I was a 34C/M prior to pregnancy and the Large fits perfectly.

Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in Black
by M. R. in Edmond, OK.
Reviewer Status: 5 months pregnant
My sister who is nursing recommended this to me as my boobs are just growing and growing, and we both LOVE it. She wished she had bought it while pregnant so she shared her wisdom with me. I wear it often!

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Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in Heather Grey
by L. C. in Mount Airy, MD.
Reviewer Status: Nursing a newborn
Love!! So comfortable and easy to adjust for feedings.

Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in White
by M. W. in Memphis, TN.
Wonderful cut, very comfortable material. Fits well.

Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in Heather Grey
by Q. D. in Rockville, MD.
Reviewer Status: 8.5 months pregnant
Very soft and comfortable

Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in Black
by B. S. in Long Beach, CA.
Reviewer Status: Pregnant
Runs small

Review of Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra in White
by A. Y. in Portland, OR.
Reviewer Status: 3.5 months pregnant