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mOmma Developmental Warm Meal Set

by Lansinoh
(Item #1391500)
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The developmental meal set is a perfect gift for any new mom!

It features two stage levels:
  • Stage 1: 4m+ features a warm plate with a wide non-slip and non-tip base, which comes with two compartments to separate different foods. Spoon is included with a soft tip to begin baby’s weaning.
  • Stage 2: 6m+features a fork with a rigid plastic prong.

  • The plate features a water chamber to keep food warm, a non-flip wide, round base design that keeps plate stable, and a non-slip rubber coating that adheres to any surface preventing spills and waste.

  • The roly-poly design of the fork and spoon entertains the baby during mealtime and helps develops motor skills. Safe and hygienic- the rocking movement helps prevent the utensils from coming into contact with the surface of tables or high chairs. The protective cover ensures maximum hygiene while also acting an an extendable handle when feeding baby. The spoon has a soft tip designed to be extra gentle on baby's gums, while the form has rounded prongs for greater safety.
I ordered a size small and realized I might be more comfortable in a medium so I ordered that and then returned the small - I REALLY appreciate how easy Figure 8 made the return process and ESPECIALLY how they sent me an email acknowledging that they'd received my returned package and gave me a timeframe for processing the return. That really eliminated a lot of stress and effort on my end. They'r
Elizabeth in Richmond, VA