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Original BellaBand Organic

by Ingrid & Isabel
(Item #112680)
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Eco-conscious moms will love this new organic and eco-consciously produced BellaBand Organic. Now, made of natural organic cotton; it's earth friendly and sustainable!

Wear your non-pregnant pants a little longer and your maternity fashions a little sooner! Wear it at your waistline, over your unbuttoned pre-maternity pants or over slightly big maternity pants and skirts. No one has to know your pants are undone or loose -- the BellaBand Organic smoothes everything out.

BellaBand Organic is made of 95% natural organic cotton; it’s earth friendly and sustainable. Earth friendly means the cotton is grown pesticide-free so no synthetic chemicals release into the soil or water table. Sustainable means farmers use healthy soil by keeping it chemical free and rotating crops so their soil retains water, which means the cotton needs less watering to grow. As a bonus, cotton doesn't require harsh chemicals to break down its fibers to make yarn. Ultimately, this makes BellaBand Organic an eco-consciously produced maternity accessory and a must-have for all new moms looking to hang onto their pre-pregnant jeans a little longer and also shop organically!

  • BellaBand Organic offers the same functionality throughout and after pregnancy as the original BellaBand
  • Can be washed and worn frequently as it resists pilling and retains its stretch and recovery with repeated use
  • 100% Recycled Packaging
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I purchased a nursing bra to try on and wasn't sure on sizing. After receiving it, I realized I needed a smaller size. When I went to purchase again, the previous sale was no longer on. I emailed customer service asking if they would extend the sale for me to purchase two of the same bras in smaller sizes and they said Yes! It was fabulous customer service and fairly speedy shipping! Thanks!
Misty in Kearney, NE